Woven / Ground
Geoff Diego Litherland

16 Oct — 8 Nov ‘20


Open Sat­ur­days and Sun­days 11 – 4 and online

Woven/Ground presents new paintings and an accompanying sound installation by Mexican born artist Geoff Diego Litherland. The slow, craft-based processes involved in making linen prior to industrial cotton production, were a conceptual starting point to the work. In collaboration with his partner, weave designer Angharad McLaren, a crop of flax plants was sown, nurtured and harvested to produce linen fibres. Using these, with other hand spun yarns, they created a series of patterned hand woven canvasses for Litherland to paint on.

In each individual work, images of the ground painted in earth pigments are inter-meshed with the pattern in the canvas; different tensions are turned up or down to explore variations between order and chaos, digital and analogue, macro and micro. Like being immersed in natural environments, the paintings invite the viewer to find recognizable tropes, focus, and order among complexity.

The work will be presented in an immersive gallery environment, with an accompanying sound installation that uses the weave patterns and field recordings to create an audio counterpart. An exhibition vitrine of studio processes will showcase the processes and materials involved in creating the work.