Divination Tarot Workshop

5 Mar ‘22


4.30 — 6pm

Tarot Workshop

Join Elin, owner of Derbyshire Tarot, for a practical workshop on how to read the tarot.

The Tarot was developed in the medieval courts of Europe and has been used for centuries to play games, to tell fortunes, provide insight into the psyche and as a tool used by occultists and magicians.

In this workshop you will begin to learn how to use the cards in your own life and to give readings to others. Start learning the skills you need to unlock the meaning from these beautiful images and the symbols within them.

No previous experience is needed and all resources will be provided. If you have your own deck of cards, bring them along otherwise there will be decks to borrow.

Elin Heron is a tarot reader and tutor based in Derbyshire. She has read the cards for over twenty years, using them to provide insight into both the mysterious and the mundane. Elin has a relaxed and friendly reading style and, as an experienced tutor, she aims to help students learn to connect with the cards and feel empowered by their messages.

Please email Elin directly for enquiries : elin@derbyshiretarot.co.uk