Stuff of Dreams Workshop

11 Mar ‘22


7- 9.30pm

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Learn The Art of Dreaming

Arthabandhu is an ordained Buddhist who has long had a special interest in dreams, Lucid Dreaming, and the Buddhist practices of Dream Yoga. He is also an artist who draws upon dreams for inspiration.

Bringing these elements together, Arthabandhu has devised this workshop for artists and creative people to help deepen their connection to dreams and enable more fluid, open, and intuitive approaches to their work and indeed life as a whole.

The workshop will be an engaging experiential exploration of these approaches and will draw on the experiences of the participants.

Topics covered will include:

  • How to awaken and enhance our capacity to dream
  • Exploring the values and uses of dreams
  • Looking at what may potentially block our capacity to dream and ability to dream creatively
  • The basics of Lucid Dreaming and Dream Yoga - How to dream with conscious awareness
  • How a practice of Mindful dreaming can lead to a richer and freer waking-life experience

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