Internal Nebular

1 — 24 Sep ‘17


Sat­ur­days & Sun­days, 11am — 4pm or by appointment

Dorothy Cross

Alastair Mackie

Liz Orton

Harlem Artspace presents, Internal Nebular, curated by Olivia M Punnett, to be exhibited during the Wirksworth Festival, 2017. It is part of a programme of events comprised of a seminar during the Festival, and a session of 4 further talks running until February. The show continues on from Haarlem Artspace’s last curation for the Wirksworth Festival by Geoff Diego Litherland, which included the work of Dermot Punnett, Olivia Punnett, Peter Matthews, Mariele Neudecker, Katja Hock, and Wolfgang Buttress.

The exhibition will explore the clandestine nature of geological time and the crystalline structures it forms, as well as connecting to the history of stone that is such a part of the Derbyshire landscape and Identity. The works all deal with the natural world and have a reverence towards it, whilst being sited firmly in a contemporary understanding of the ground beneath our feet.

The exhibition will include: A large video installation work by Dorothy Cross, titled Stalactite, featuring a chorister and a Stalactite in the depths of a cave. Photo works by artist Liz Orton from ‘The Connection Should Make us Upset’. Epitaph by Alastair Mackie, a screen-printed panel of pigment formed of sandstone rock dust, taken from the quarry at nearby Hardwick Hall. (Commissioned originally to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Robert Smythson and the men who built Hardwick Hall.)

Internal Nebular will be exhibited on the 1st of September for a private view 6–9pm, and during the Wirksworth Festival weekends 9–10 September, 2017 10–4pm and 16 & 17th September 2017 Wirksworth Festival From 8 - 24 September 2017 Wirksworth comes alive with art of every shape and size. The Art & Architecture Trail (9 -10 September) sees homes and public spaces become galleries to over 120 artists and this year’s Curated Exhibition (9,10, 16 & 17 Sept), Veneer, has been put together by artists and researchers Louisa Chambers and Emily Strange. The Festival fortnight continues with a programme of dance, music and theatre along with a range of workshops and other events. For more information and to see the full programme go to

Internal Nebular / Veneer Seminar & Talks

Saturday 16th September 2017 : 1:00pm – 5:00pm

This session of talks will feature presentations and discussions with artists and curators examining diverse themes, and utilising the current discourse in contemporary Art. Haarlem Artspace provides a space for knowledge exchange, encourages cross-fertilization of ideas, and collaborations.

Louisa Chambers & Emily Strange - Veneer

Curators talk on the Wirksworth Festival Parish Room exhibition.

Louisa Chambers has been developing a series of paintings that focus on a simple folded form, and

how a folded shape can be transfigured from a temporary structure into a flat two-dimensional

space. These works are part of on-going research into depiction and visual perception on two and

three dimensional surfaces.

Emily Strange makes reference to impossible structures through drawing, with a special interest in

the architecture of failed utopian Modernist projects. Her research explores drawing as a fictional,

propositional space that nevertheless alludes to reality through its utility in the service of

architectural design.

Penny McCarthy - My Fakes and Counterfeits

Presenting on on-going work examining the archaeology of the facsimile.

Penny McCarthy is a Reader in Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University. She began her career as a

Henry Moore Fellow in Drawing. Her work has been supported by the Wellcome Trust, Arts

Council England and AHRC and exhibited extensively including: Ulysse(s): L’autre mer, Fonds

Régionale d’Art Contemporain (FRAC), Rennes, France, Nothing is Forever at South London

Gallery and Material Truths at Site Gallery, Sheffield. Her picture essay Time will darken paper was

commissioned for Esopus (New York) issue 21, 2014. Mirror, an essay reflecting on the relations

between memory and making, is included in the book Memories of the Future (pub. Peter Lang,

June, 2017, eds. Deborah Jaffe and Stephen Wilson).

Dr Robert Burstow - Stone, landscape and Geology in Modern British Sculpture

Dr Robert Burstow is an academic researcher and author, an Independent exhibition curator and a

Reader in History and Theory of Art at the University of Derby. His research focuses on the

history and theory of 20th century British sculpture and his writings have been published in many

academic books and journals, including, most recently, his essay ‘Geometries of Hope and Fear: the

Iconography of Atomic Science and Nuclear Anxiety in the Sculpture of World-War and Cold-War

Britain’ in British Art in the Nuclear Age (Ashgate, 2014).

Wolfgang Buttress 26th October 2017

Wolfgang Buttress is an award-winning artist working with public space. He creates elegant and

contextually rich public artworks, which seek to define and highlight our relationship to the natural


Danica Maier 30th November 2017

Exploring dualities of material and site Danica Maier’s work uses site-specific installations and

events to explore ideas of expectations of site, traditional values, ‘women’s work’ and labour. Maier

is interested in manipulating a locations expected function and pushing beyond the original

intentions such as; home/gallery, village notice board/exhibition venue, model space/public artwork

site, domestic /institutional space. Using the site as a starting point, materials and events work

towards a collapse; of historical time through nostalgia for a past that never existed; contradictions

of usual everyday events; or subtle interventions in unexpected locations.

Aidan Shingler 25th January 2018

Aidan is the creator of StarDisc, a 21st century stone circle and amphitheatre in Wirksworth. “It

inspires, entertains, engages and is a highly valued community asset, educational resource and

performance space. StarDisc has attracted tens of thousands of visitors and staged numerous

exciting events.” As an important sculpture and rural site in Wirksworth, Star Disc is another of

Haarlem Art space’s Associated Businesses. Aidan is happy to mentor, meet with and host resident

Artist from Haarlem at the Star disk.

Dr Tim Shephard 22nd February

Dr Tim Shephard is a historical musicologist, academic researcher and author. Tim was appointed

Lecturer in Musicology at the University of Sheffield in 2012, following posts at the Universities of

Nottingham and Oxford. Tim’s Interested is in musical cultures of the past, (most research has been

set in Renaissance Italy), personal identity, as a way of communicating messages about oneself, and

as a tool of statecraft. Tim is known as an expert in the relationship between music and visual

culture (painting, sculpture, book illustration, and all the discussion surrounding them).…

During the Wirksworth Festival Trails Weekend, 9-10 September Haarlem Artspace will be a trail

venue open to the public, showcasing our studio holders’ work, and our first Artist in Residence

J M F Casey.

JMF Casey (b 1981) studied illustration at the Kent Institute of Art and Design before moving to

London where he has exhibited extensively. Currently based in Gent, Belgium, having recently

completed his Masters at KASK School of Art.

Other Studio Holders Include:

Conor Hurford

Gavin Repton

Dermot Punnett

Natalie Hallows

Olivia Punnett

Geoff Litherland

Abbie Canning

Rosanna Scrase

Anna Mawby

Clay Smith

Olivia Peak

Kat Starczewski

Dorothy Cross Stalactite, Photo credit Chris Webb
Stalactite by Dorothy Cross curtesy of Frith Street Gallery
Pearl Diver drawing by Penny McCarthy
work by Graphic Work Man