Green Seed From Dark Earth
Chantal Powell

28 Feb — 28 Mar ‘20


Fri­days & Sat­ur­days 11am — 4pm

Haarlem Artspace Podcast

The way is not straight. The way to the goal is chaotic and spiralling, and only gradually do the
signs surmise that it is leading anywhere.
Hooded dwarf gods stand at the ocean edge of the ego mind. Kinsmen of the unconscious,
they offer navigation into the darkness and uncertainty for those ready to brave the spirit of
the depths. Encountering the unconscious is tortuous knowledge but this golden
understanding births new life.

Green Seed From Dark Earth showcases works by Chantal Powell that have emerged from
her research into Jungian depth psychology and the beginnings of her personal inner
alchemical journey.
An installation of Night Nettles serves as a reminder that our growth comes with a price.
Healing rarely comes without a sting as we see repeatedly in folklore and mythology. In the
tale of the Wild Swans, Eliza “ groped in amongst the ugly nettles, which burnt great blisters
on her hands and arms” in order to weave the magic that was required to free her brothers.
Twigs that were collected during a time of severe ill health have been cast in bronze and
precious metals, markers of transformative lessons and trials. Calcinated clay figures and
primordial symbols evoke relics that are at once new and yet also archetypally familiar to our
collective remembering.

Chantal Powell creates sculptural works about the unseen aspects of our psyche. A PhD in
social psychology and an interest in Jungian theory and alchemy inform her practice.

Powell was shortlisted for the Mark Tanner Sculpture Award in 2015 and has exhibited at
venues including the Guildhall Art Gallery in London, Arusha in Edinburgh, The Royal West
Academy in Bristol, and at collateral events at the 53rd and 54th Venice Biennales.
She is the founder of the contemporary arts program Hogchester Arts in rural West Dorset.

Fortuity Sculpture, Chantal Powell
Wands, Chantal Powell
Chantal Powell Green Seed From Dark Earth,Installation shot, by Will Slater
Our Hearts Condemn Us, Chantal PowellPhoto credit Will Slater
Manikins of the Unconscious, Chantal Powell, Photo Credit Will Slater
Chantal Powell Green Seed From Dark Earth, Installation shot, by Will Slater
Latent Content I, Chantal Powell, Photo credit Will Slater
Lessons in Balance (studies in self healing III) Chantal Powell,Photo credit Will Slater
Night Nettles, Chantal Powell
Night Nettles, Chantal PowellPhoto Credit Will Slater
Night Nettles, Chantal PowellPhoto Credit Will Slater