Collectivism Residency

13 — 17 May ‘19


9am — late

Cover Image: Alice Gale-Feeny during Collectivism Residency

The Collectivism residency was curated and facilitated by Alice Gale-Feeny, Liv Punnett and Produced by Catherine Rogers & Bev Shephard.

‘Sometimes it’s not enough just to be neighbours’

— Christian Fernandez Morin

All Images by Rosie Reed Gold

‘Collectivism’ was a four-day residency and one-day conference bringing people together for an exchange of ideas on the themes of collectivism, resilience and collaboration. The one-day conference Resilience through Collectivism was the second Derbyshire Creative Heritage conference and was in partnership with Junction Arts.

Haarlem Artspace provides quality, dedicated studio space for contemporary artists, writers and other creative businesses alongside a public programme of cutting-edge exhibitions, talks and events designed to engage and inspire.

The residency included five artists, writers, curators or researchers to join us alongside Haarlem Artspace studio holders, some of which where joining the studios for the first time at the residency.

Joining studio holders and associates were be guests from Instituto Procomum in Brazil, our partners on the British Council’s Developing Inclusive and Creative Economies programme for five days of dynamic activity. The residency was jointly facilitated and co-curated by artist Alice Gale-Feeny and artist and Haarlem Artspace Director, Livvy Penrose Punnett.

Our aims are were to demystify artistic and collaborative working and encourage debate, reconsidering rural contemporary arts and the experiences of resilience through collectivism. Participants engaged in activities exploring how the collective multidisciplinary studio experience invigorates an individual’s practice. Work was documented using writing, drawing and digital recording.

“A studio is more or less artful to the degree that the artist who occupies it is committed to the continuing education in his or her formal discipline… A versatile and creative mind will embrace the opportunity of such practice to innovate and experiment, which develops uniquely individual qualities of each artist’s expression. Thus the method raises and maintains an art studio space above the level of a mere production facility or workshop”. — Wikipedia

Selected Artists, Writers & Participants

Arit Etukudo

Hayleigh Longman

Adam Moore

Penny Newell

Emma Reynard

Rosie Reed Gold

Georgia Nicolau

Marilia Guarita

Simone Oliveira

Anna Mawby

Tracey Meek

Karen Logan

Maude Allen

Jenny Bramley

Clay Smith

Martin Hyde

Jo Heron

Ceri Hedderwick Turner

Jennifer Whitmore

The Collective Sketch Book