Studios at Haarlem Artspace

Would you like a studio at Haarlem Artspace?

As well as having the opportunity to work with like-minded creatives and artists, studio holders are invited to participate in an exciting programme of contemporary exhibitions and events. We work in partnership with the annual Wirksworth Festival and link to the wider creative community through our broad range of artistic networks. We also have a commission and a residency programme.

Criteria for applicants

Creatives applying for studio space must be:

  • Prepared to commit their time and energy to their practice and to ensure that the opportunity is made full use of;
  • Willing to contribute to Haarlem Artspace’s community e.g. delivering talks / attending network meetings / taking part in group critiques / contributing to an event;
  • Prepared to pitch in, ensuring the space is respected and looked after.


Our studios range in price from £60 to £260 per month, including all utilities. Our smallest studio is 3 square meters and our largest is 19 square meters.


Please complete and return our application form if you would like to be considered for a studio at Haarlem Artspace.