How we Operate

Haarlem Artspace is a Community Interest Company Limited by Guarantee and regulated by the Community Interest Regulator. This makes us a not-for-profit organisation rather than a company set up for private financial gain. When the organisation does make a surplus, we reinvest this back into the organisation for the benefit of the arts and the artists and creatives we work with.

We have a board of Directors, currently numbering four. As a CIC the Directors are permitted to charge a fair fee for the work they do. In practice, as a fledgling company, each of us largely acts in the capacity of unpaid volunteer, charging only for work related to the projects we receive external funding to deliver.

We are in the process of becoming a charity, which will change the way we operate. Unusually, rather than apply separately to the charity commission, we are in the process of forming a partnership with arts development charity Cultivate which we hope will see us ‘hive up’ Haarlem Artspace CIC into the charity. Haarlem Artspace’s board will step into positions as Trustees of Cultivate will then formally close the existing CIC. The charity name will change to Haarlem Artspace, with the two organisations continuing as one. It’s likely some of the existing Cultivate Trustees will continue in post, at least for a specified period of time whilst the change takes place.

The partnership has come about as a result of a long standing professional relationship between Director Bev Shephard and Cultivate CEO Vanessa Rawlings Jackson. Cultivate have been searching for an appropriate legacy after 10 successful years as an arts development charity. They found this in Haarlem Artspace, with its ambition to develop a thriving arts sector for the benefit of the general public.

Haarlem Artspace’s new Board will be expanded and we’re delighted to be preparing to welcome Artist Glennie Kindred and Cultural Producer Georgia Nicolau to the board. Our current Board meets quarterly, chaired by Artist and University Lecturer Geoff Diego Litherland. Three of the current CIC Directors also act as the exec team for the organisation: Liv Penrose Punnett, Catherine Rogers and Bev Shephard. In the new charitable structure the way the governance and management operates will change slightly, and we’re working out the logistics of this at the moment. We’ll be able to provide an update on the changes in due course.