Milly Melbourne

Garment Maker

I generally think of myself as a garment maker and craftswoman. I create textile works and garments that emerge from my own processes of play and research into themes surrounding the moving, changing body and object.

I take inspiration from the very act of the making and wearing of clothes throughout the ages, and the relationships we form with objects as we imbue them with memory, symbolism, stories and connections.

I enjoy creating experimental works collaboratively and run a small clothing label ‘oB’ where I produce considered staple wear pieces that are made to order for the body of the wearer. My focus through oB is to consider ways I can create garments we can see befriending for years to come. That move with our changing bodies and styles rather than constricting against them. I look to reclaim materials, support ethical fibre growers, weavers and dyers and incorporate the hand-worked techniques of traditional crafts.

Garment fittings can be arranged by appointment with Milly at her studio see website.