Laura Towle


With the transformation of mathematical models taken from Topology as a foundation for her practice, Laura Towle aims to highlight the stretching, folding and crumpling of forms. Through the guiding parameters of established and understood geometry; Towle experiments with the first of Euclid’s Elements combining the circular form and line with the Mobius strip.

Towle’s material exploration involves the combination of traditional materials with everyday objects, with the hope that it will inspire participation through our familiarity to these objects. A recent work Shift Happens (2019) incorporates handles and a visible hinging system to prompt participation. Drawing is fundamental in informing the sculptural process, Towle uses a meditative and schematic approach based on the principles of existing methods used by topologists to channel her and the audience’s understanding of the work. The drawing can co-exist in conversation with the three-dimensional forms as well as preparatory studies for them.