Dermot Punnett


“The spirit of place is a great reality” – D.H Lawrence

” Your job is to find what the world is trying to be”- William Stafford

My paintings are invocations for the re-enchantment of place. Psychological motifs, organic patterning and jewelled adornments all perforate the surface and coalesce within the landscape. The image becomes charged, multi-dimensional, an unfolding prism of hidden and sacred spaces. Alchemy, the union of opposites and eternity are recurring themes.

Born in 1980 on the island of St. Vincent and of West Indian heritage, Dermot studied Fine Art in the U.K and received his BFA from Falmouth College of arts in 2004, and his MFA from Bath Spa University in 2007. He has exhibited extensively across the U.K. in galleries including the Charlie Dutton Gallery and A.P.T gallery, London. Dermot received The Reed Foundation Fellowship Award at Vermont Studio Center in 2013. He now resides and works in Wirksworth, U.K