Alex Hyde


Whether in a rainforest or his back garden in Derbyshire, Alex can usually be found crawling around in the undergrowth, peering under stones in search of those smaller creatures that so often get overlooked. Frequently working with moving subjects smaller than a grain of rice, Alex has established himself as an expert in macro photography. By understanding the behaviour of his subjects, he is able to capture intimate portraits of spiders, insects and other invertebrates in their natural habitats.

Alex’s images are used by publishers around the world, connecting people with nature. His commissioned photography largely falls within the UK conservation sector, such as the ambitious Back from the Brink initiative, saving our most vulnerable species from extinction in the UK.

Alex enjoys teaching photography, running sessions both in his studio at Haarlem Artspace as well as out in the field.

Twitter: @alexhydephoto

Diatoms, Alex Hyde, digital photomicrograph
Diatoms, Alex Hyde, digital photomicrograph